We are so pleased that not only have Yora produced a balanced insect-based diet, but so too has this new and dynamic UK based company produced a diet that is both sustainable and balanced for cats and dogs.

Aardvark is advocated by Anthony Chadwick and the use of black soldier fly larvae ensures that it is not only protein rich to satisfy the protein requirements of cats who are obligate carnivores, but these larvae are also high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

This food makes the perfect alternative to using fish based cat food in pouches – possibly one of the most damaging of all the pet foods we can choose! Fish is not a natural diet for cats (they would never hunt fish in the wild), and if cats are going to develop food related allergy issues, fish is a top allergen for cats!

There is also no such thing as sustainable fishing! We have to leave the small fish used in pet foods in the ocean to feed our larger fish or we risk a catastrophic loss of biodiversity in our oceans.

Insect-based pet foods in sustainable eco-packaging offers one of the best solutions for our pets and we fully support this UK based young company that only launched in April 2021.

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