Clare Knottenbelt

Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS

Clare is a specialist vet, mother, business-owner and life coach for vets. She uses these life experiences to offer a unique service that is offered to vets and other professionals who feel overwhelmed and anxious about how to cope in times of great uncertainty.

On a personal level, Clare is deeply concerned too about doing her bit to protect our natural world as she is a great believer that small changes can have a great impact.
As a family, they began using soap bars instead of plastic bottles and although not plant-based herself; she began feeding their family Labrador Jumble plant-based foods that he loves such as Green Crunch and Solo Vegetal.

In her words –
“As a family we are determined to ensure that Jumble has the longest and healthiest life that he can. Jumble has grown up with my daughters and he provides the whole family with emotional support and gets us all up and out to take him for walks. We all want Jumble to live a long life and to remain healthy, but despite this, it has only been recently that we started to review exactly what he was being fed. It was through working with Arielle that we realised the benefits of a plant-based diet on Jumble’s health. It was when he started on a plant-based diet, that we noticed his energy return and the extra weight disappear – suddenly he was bringing us his toys again to play!”

This effect has also been passed onto her vet parents who now also feed their Greyhound Kenzo a predominantly plant-based diet and they noticed very quickly what an effect it had on his very sensitive digestion and how much better he is having no meat in his diet.

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