Dogs Go Plant-Based

Dr Arielle Griffiths

Arielle is a passionate supporter of plant-based feeding in dogs. She turned both herself and their family dog vegan 21/2 years ago with a desire to ‘do the right thing’ for the planet.

After doing every nutrition course possible in the UK (she did Marge Chandler’s course twice!) she then turned to Germany where plant-based sustainable feeding of dogs is 8 years ahead of the UK.

Making contact with vet nutritionists in Germany, she began to import their foods and supplements to fully support dogs in the UK eat a 100% balanced healthy (and delicious) plant-based diet. After questioning the principal nutrition scientist at  Mars Waltham Centre, Richard Butterwick over a Zoom call in February 2021, she felt ready to launch her Dogs Go Plant-Based services in the UK.

He confirmed what she had researched; that as long as nutrients are chosen for the food rather than ingredients and the correct composition of plant-based materials are chosen, then it is possible to formulate a fully balanced plant-based diet for dogs.

She offers pet owners a Green Paws Package where they are sent samples of all the top new 100% balanced vegan dog foods now available in the UK. The package includes Solo Vegetal dry and tinned food, Noochy Poochy, Omni, a DoGood voucher, Hownd Superfoods tinned and dry, The Pack tins as well as others.

She has ensured that each of these foods contains the necessary addition of Taurine and L-Carnitine essential for dogs on a plant-based diet to avoid the risk of DCM.

The transformation that she has seen has amazed her and the owners and it is this positive feedback that keeps her passionate and determined to support owners wanting to transition their dogs to vegan in the UK whether for environmental, ethical or allergic reasons.

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