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Yet again, there is proof that independent practices who are able to make their own decisions are far more likely to choose kinder, more sustainable options.

Pennard Vets in Kent are the first practice to be fully owned by every member of the team. With this forward thinking social awareness, they are able to apply this to the wider area where they offer a very comprehensive Eco Statement.

There is such a problem with the large pet food companies and their packaging as although Hills for example say that the packaging can be recycled, it has to be taken to special recycling centres to avoid going into landfill and possibly end up in our oceans along with all the other plastic that is difficult to recyle. Pennard Vets have introduced a scheme to allow owners to recycle their pet food packaging as shown here.

We applaud the practice for their vision that is based on protecting not just their own futures by being independently owned by the whole practice, but equally; they are protecting the futures of their pet owners and our planet with their small but effective actions as shown here.

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