Sustainable Pet Food

Prof Andrew Knight

Prof Andrew Knight’s studies over many years, have established that it is safe to feed a 100% plant-based diet to our pets as long as it is balanced as dogs and cats require a certain level of nutrients, not ingredients.

Prof Knight’s latest published research has also proved that not only is it safe, but it is also generally as palatable to our pets as meat-based or raw pet food and is even healthier!

These studies are groundbreaking in a pet food industry that is dominated by meat  – either processed, raw or companies providing ‘human grade’ meals for our pets all of which are non-sustainable for our future.

These ‘human grade’ meat-based companies are particularly damaging to our environment as instead of using the leftovers and byproducts of the meat industry, they result in our smallest pets having a greater carbon footprint than driving a 4×4!


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